Account Parent Module For Odoo v10, v11 and v12

Account Parent

  • After installing the account parent module go to the user configuration menu. Enable the Show Full Accounting Features and Show Chart of Account Structure refer the below image.

  • Under Accounting menu now you can see Chart of Account Hierarchy menu. Then open the Chart of Accounts menu under accounting configuration, open one account you can see a new field Parent Account, if you map the parent properly you can achieve the tree structure.

  • We provide an example for configuring parent account and to show in the tree view. First created a view account called Chart Of Account India.

  • Map this parent account to two other accounts 100101 and 100201

  • Then Open the chart of Account Hierarchy and set the Targeted moves

  • Now you can see a tree structure for the two accounts we configured, if you configured all you will get full structure

Our New Feature

  • We are providing the pdf and xls reports of the hierarchial view.


  • You can create this module functionality by spending some time for comparing the v8 and v12 Indian Chart of account.Only need the Account parent module.
  • Please take a backup of your database before installing this module for your safety
  • Manually update the parent accounts for manually added accounts.
You can purchase this module from Odoo app store:
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